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Once upon a time, I was on a safe and structured career path, steadily climbing the “corporate ladder” working as a U.S. Diplomat and traveling the world.  My job offered security, status, unbelievable perks and all of the things I thought I needed.  On the outside, things seemed to be going wonderfully.  I had an unexpected spiritual and creative re-awakening which caused me to question all of my plans and this so-called dream job.  Was this what I really wanted? Was this really fulfilling me? Does this purpose matter anymore? The answer to all of these questions was a resounding "No." So, I took the gamble and made the decision to leave this life behind to follow my creative passions.  I had brand new big dreams beating brightly in my chest and a plan of action.  I packed my bags, moved to a new destination to start this new life… and everything fell to pieces around me.  I found myself back in my hometown, in the dead of winter amongst family strife and there was nothing left to do, but face myself.  Thus began my quest for healing and self-discovery and developed an insatiable hunger for recovery.  Now, I am able to tell my story and share some of the lessons I’ve learned in order to invite other women to heal and live life as their fully authentic self.