Hi there, I'm Sarah.

You're here because you want to live a more authentic life. 

I get it.  After working my tail off to ACHIEVE the PROFESSIONAL title I WORKED 10 years for, I ENDED Up in a completely different place than I had planned.

I always chose authentic paths throughout my life and made the natural transitions seamlessly, but I found out in the middle of my dream career - and the leap I took out of it - things landed very differently.

I've always followed my heart.  It's why after a trip to France when I was 17, I worked 10 years to land my dream job to work with international affairs with the U.S. government.  After living overseas with opportunities of a lifetime, including finding a buried passion for music, I experienced a quarter-life crisis & burn out from the bureaucratic rat race forcing me to consider a different path.

After returning to the U.S. I was in no shape to pursue music with reverse culture shock, unemployment the need for healing and answers.  My confidence was shot.  I couldn't find my mental footing to enter into the next chapter I had purposefully forced open and it seemed as though so much was meaningless.  I needed to make sense of my own decisions and now, lack thereof.  I felt stuck, unsure of myself for the first time in my life and this put a hurting on the health of my relationships I so wanted to have. 

I've spent the past 3 years rebuilding myself from the ground up and I'm ready to share that work with you.